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Friends Walking Together

 Missed You Today is the brain child of two best friends who seek to share kind words with people who are experiencing a difficult time. Having quite the collection of cards with beautiful well-written words from friends and loved ones, we seek to send share those same sentiments with others who may not know just how much they are loved or are missed in their absence. 
We want to see people. We want to acknowledge all the people that feel like we have felt. The folk that mosey on out of the room unnoticed because everyone is engaged with someone and they have no one. We want to notice all the people that feel small, and do for them all the things that We wish someone would say or do in the moments that we've felt the smallest. We want people to feel seen and to feel like they matter. It's hard feeling like you wouldn't be missed if you weren't around. Or that if you weren't there, no one would notice. No one would ask, "have you seen such and such lately? Checked in with them? heard from them?"... We want to collect, decorate and distribute cards to people that are experiencing a tough time just to let them know we are thinking of them. We pray that these thoughts will encourage their hearts to hang on for another day, to push a little bit further, and to see what tomorrow brings. 
Please join us in our endeavor! We are asking for your support with this project! We want to collect cards of all types, or supplies necessary to decorate them. If you can't come to us, we'll come to you!! Like this page, share and follow us on Facebook and Instagram as @MissedYouToday. If you'd like to get in touch with us to support, donate, or participate, you can reach us at

We look forward to doing great things!! 

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